Even & Comfortable

NanoSox system disperses airflow through fabric permeation and designed
multi-row orifices to form a tridimensional air dispersion effect with great
comfort, overall even airflow and precise air throw.
Traditional Metal ductwork With traditional metal duct in supermarket, small coverage area , high draft, uneven airflow. Meanwhile, Airflow from diffusers are easy to be blocked by commodity shelves the conditioned air can not reach the targeted area.


Multiple colors are available to blend well with any indoor decoration, Meanwhile, the system as well as the color could be customized and individually designed.
Traditional Metal ductwork Metal ductwork layout is disorder and complicated with massive diffusers, various hanger and support brackets and flanges.

Condensation FREE

Air dispersion through fabric permeation forms a cooling air layer around the duct surface so that there is no temperature difference between inside and outside, therefore no insulation is required to prevent condensation.
Traditional Metal ductwork In routine practice, wrong thermal insulation thickness , substandard quality and improper installation might cause condensation problem.


Owing to the convenient dismantle and quick installation, NanoSox system is very easy to clean, Improved IAQ meets higher healthy and hygienic requirements.
Traditional Metal ductwork Traditional metal ductwork needs special cleaning ways and tools like robots , the cost is expensive. For example, 10,000 m2 area, one time cleaning costs 60,000 – 80,000 RMB

Light weight

Nanosox Fabric Air Dispersion System is very light-weighted. the weight only accounts for 1/4 of that of traditional metal duct. It is especially suitable for applications such as new building or building renovations with limited roof load bearing capacity.
Traditional Metal ductwork Metal ductwork leads to very heavy roof load due to heavy weight of itself and flanges, brackets, installation accessories


NanoSox system uses flexible material operating at lower air velocity, it does not generate noise or transmit resonance. Quiet system improves the indoor environmental quality.
Traditional Metal ductwork Loud noise generated from metal ductwork and AHUs affects surrounding environment

Quick installation

Specialized cable and track suspension system bring you quick installation and reduce material waste on the jobsite. Installation time is substantially shortened, accounting only 1/10 or less of that of metal duct system.
Traditional Metal ductwork Metal ductwork is fabricated on site for ducts, elbows, transitions, Tee, etc, resulting in long installation time.

Reliable quality

Introduce large laser production line and system simulation platform into production process, all products are manufactured in our factory to ensure high pressure resistance, micro-permeability and basic properties etc.
Traditional Metal ductwork Metal ducts are fabricated at site, quality is not guaranteed


Employ environmental-friendly synthetic fabric, green manufacturing, quick installation and simple operation procedure , convenient transportation, storage and recycle.Meanwhile, tridimensional and laminar airflow model makes NanoSox system more energy-saving.


Simpler design of NanoSox could replace the whole traditional ductwork including air ducts, valves, diffusers and insulation materials, light weight, easy transportation and quick installation to reduce overall cost.
Traditional Metal ductwork Traditional ductwork consumes large quantity material, more accessories and components, complicated installation increases the overall cost.