ARBS 2014 Exhibition

ARBS is one event that connects the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services industry.

The dust has just settled on ARBS 2014 from May 20 –May 22. on Thursday 22 May. Visitor numbers were steady across the three days, totaling 7,774, which eclipsed previous records.
In the exhibition, Durkeesox and another division of Durkee group- Durkeeflex has taken part in the show together. Many visitors expresses their interest about our products and some of them applied to be our distributors. In the show, we mainly exhibited our major products, they are, Nanosox-N (high quality series), Nanosox-L (optimal economic series) and fibersox (patented top fire proof series). Of course, we put much emphasis on exhibited our new product as well- IRR system (Internal retention ring system), which performs well with satisfy round and smooth appearance without static pressure/air supply.
As usual, our stand buzzed from the morning of the show until the last minute that we have to leave at 4pm. Our effort proved to be a great success of the show.