The material required to install DurkeeSox air dispersion system includes: DurkeeSox dud segment and its fittings (inlet, endcap, T-connector, elbow, transition, etc.),components (PAD- Pressure Adjustment Device, ACD- Airflow Control Device, FAF-Fabric air filter, Fabric static plenum box, etc.) and accessories (cable, eyebolt, tumbuckle, thimble, cable clamp, rubber jacket, etc.), which are supplied by the manufacturer (shipped with the consignment, including installation drawing, installation manual and assembly drawing, etc.) Other installation auxiliaries required on the jobsite, such as fixing brackets and fastening screws shall be purchased by the installation contractor.

Although the whole installation of DurkeeSox system is quite easy, attention must be paid to the details: locating dimensions and straightness of cable installation, inlet installation angle, etc. Otherwise, they would affect the appearance of DurkeeSox system despite of no influence on ventilation.