We guarantee the life cycle of DurkeeSox  fabric air dispersion system will be 15 years from the date of installation in condition of being straightly followed the following terms:

1.  The installation work be done under ”DurkeeSox  Installation Manual” and other related technical instructions;

2.     Operation environments including but not limited to;

2.1     Operation temperature ranges from -53 to 100 degree;

2.2     Never expose to harmful chemical agents or volatile substance;

2.3     Never expose to harmful grease or ointment;
2.4     Away from abnormal Ozone erosion;
2.5     Away from abnormal ultraviolet irradiation;
2.6     Other special operating environment which be approved by DurkeeSox Technical Center;
2.7     Free from other improper usage;

3.     Be straightly complied with the technical solutions which were issued by DurkeeSox  for fabric model selection and maintenance.