Cleaning cycle of DurkeeSox duct System

Cleaning cycle of DurkeeSox® duct system

Periodical clean and maintain to DurkeeSox®   duct system can improve the system property and ensure good indoor air quality. Different working condition (dust quantity etc)、
air dispersion mode and customers’ special clean requirement  decides the maintenance cycle of DurkeeSox®    duct system.

DurkeeSox®  duct system`s cleaning cycle is uncertain, interval time depends on the air supply mode & application environment requirement and customers’ acceptance on
dirty endurance degree of the system  surface.   Please find the suggested cycle in general conditions as below:

In refrigeration environment、food processing plants and other places where cleanliness is required
This kind of place usually adopts the mode that fiber with strong permeability and no orifices or slot orifices.  Long-term and effective daily care is very important. The service
life will be shortened in condition of lacking rational cleaning and maintenance. Generally we suggest 3 months as the cleaning cycle according to different working environment.

As mentioned particularly, the DurkeeSox®  duct system adopts permeable fiber, it’s necessary to shorten the cleaning cycle when DurkeeSox®  duct system is working under
the environment full of food fiber、oils、fats、solid granule and dust. Cleaning will be required 1 or 2times per  month  for general fiber material, interval time will be longer for
anti-bacterial fiber material, we suggest 3~5 times per month to ensure the cleaness and service life of DurkeeSox®  duct system. The color of fiber material may get darker
during the wash under serious pollution.

In commercial & public places
This kind of place usually adopts the fiber material of micro permeability with nozzle or the fiber material of medium permeability with slot orifices according to the installation

When the fiber material of micro permeability with nozzle are used, most of the air are dispersed through the nozzle. The blocking of fiber is not under our main care and
DurkeeSox®  duct system is usually installed in higher space,  we don’t think it’s necessary to clean in a relatively longer period.  However, as the National hygenic
specifications of cleaning & maintenance yearly  for HVAC system in public places are issued, it’s recommended 1~2 years as the cleaning cycle generally.

DurkeeSox®  duct system is usually installed in the low space by using the fiber material with medium or large permeability, cleaning is necessary when you recognize that the
system`s fiber has been blocked seriously and the working efficiency is in the lower situation or plenty  dust obviously exist on the surface.

In general industrial plants & large-scale stadiums
This kind of place usually adopts fiber material of no permeability with nozzles or micro permeability with slot orifices.

The running frequency of the central air conditioning system at these places is uncertain,  The cleaning can be decided according to the using frequency and cleanliness

The cleaning cycle can be extended properly to 3-4 years if DurkeeSox®  duct system is rarely used and not dirty visually.(General in large-scale stadiums or exhibition center)

For frequently used and dirty ducts, it’s recommended 1~2 years as the cleaning cycle generally. (civil stadiums)  

The places where continuous and long-time running of the AC system is required
To buy spare ducts can be considered for this kind of place in order that normal use will not be influenced by machine halt for cleaning.

Besides, the place where AC system is using frequently or the pollution is serious can be recommended by using DurkeeSox®  Fabric Air Filter(FAF) for improving air quality
that can help reducing the cleaning cycle and extending the service life of DurkeeSox®  duct system.