General System

  • 01. Y- inlet
  • 02. Square to round inlet
  • 03. T-connection
  • 04. Elbow
  • 05. Transition
  • 06. Bevel end
  • 07. Expansion segment
  • 08. Tension ring
  • 09. Wall pass through
  • 10. Galvanized cable
  • 11. H-track
  • 12. Flush mount track

NanoSox fabric air dispersion system has many distinctive features, such as even airflow with great comfort, aesthetic, condensation free, hygienic&healthy, quick installation, easy cleaning and maintenance, etc. Our fabric duct systems feature dispersion options, differentiated by the size and use to regulate the airflow in a fabric duct system.

NanoSox fabric air dispersion system is widely applied in places where with large and high space and without ceiling, such as supermarket, commercial building, exhibition center, cinema and other commercial places, stadium facilities, electric, chemical, pharmaceutical, machinery, printing and other industry facilities as well as food facilities.

NanoSox owns 3 fabric material series, namely Nanosox -N series with permanent fiber resistant propery and 10 standard permeation rates, Nanosox series made of inherent permanent fire retardant fabric with 5 permeation rates and Fibersox Class A Non-flammable series providing the best fire proof property. What's more, NanoSox owns anti-microbial, anti-static and other several types of functional materials to meet higher requirements of various industries. It’s becoming China fabric duct supplier and fabric duct manufacturer.