Durkeesox duct design and application There is no essential difference with traditional air duct system design, especially spiral duct. The designer could make proposal by Design manualor our proprietary isox software. The design solution can be also provided by DurkeeSox engineering team.
duct layout The System layout design is based on jobsite condition or building & HVAC layout, AHUs locations, roof height, aesthetics and installation considerations. Much swift and convenient layout design can be available by iSox designing software, which shortens designer's work.
System inlet dimension selection Sox duct system diameter takes inch as the unit, 6"-72"(152-1829mm) with 2inch by step, diameter is confirmed based on air volume and system inlet air velocity,Calculation formula:
g: air volume per each duct system v:system inlet air velocity D:system diameterInlet air velocity is suggested to be 7-9m/s to avoid turbulence at inlet or negative pressure problem.
System air dispersion design Employ our specialized patented design software to make details design which include
- Determine permeability of fabric
- Air dispersion type
- Orifice clock position
- Orifices size, quantity by calculating air throw
- End velocity control
Duekeesox engineer team will be responsible for details
About pressure:
Total Pressure of durkeesox duct system is composed of static pressure(SP) 、 velocity pressure(VP) and pressure loss by on-way resistance(Pz). Relation between static pressure regain(Prs) and Pz plays a major role. Mostly, Prs is larger than Pz in straight duct.
End static pressure = inlet static pressure + static pressure regain-pressure loss (Pr=Ps+Prs-Pz)