The storage of DurkeeSox duct System

Preserve DurkeeSox® duct system properly in condition of long-time interval to ensure duct system cleanliness and extension of service life.

1、When stop using, check the inner and outer surface cleanliness of DurkeeSox? duct system, cleaning will be necessary for apparent pollution before storage.

2、Dismantle the duct system and clean if the inner and outer surface is clean, backup marking drawing and keep one copy in the package of dismantled ducts.

3、Pack and seal the dismantled ducts properly; attach the instruction logo; in this way you can choose more conveniently for next installation.    

4、Counting be request After dismantlement and package of all DurkeeSox? duct system,   count and make records to prevent omission.

5、The packed ducts should be preserved in dry and ventilated environment with supervision.

6、Check and count before sealing off.